Created: 07/18/2014

1. Q: Our hotel would like to buy in bulk, so are there any good prices offered to U.S?
- A: Grand Bois has strengths both as a professional interior manufacturer and designer, so we can meet the bulk orders in fast delivery time. For big orders, you can be always offered with wholesale prices. Please contact stores’ managers for details.

2. Q: Is it ok if customers in Nha Trang want your products to be delivered and set up in their houses?
- A: Certainly, it is ok. Grand Bois can deliver its products within the territory of Vietnam.

3. Q: We are in the U.S, what if we want to buy your products?
- A: Grand Bois offers the service of delivering products to foreign countries and charges delivery costs.  Thus, you can place orders in Grand Bois and receive your products in The U.S easily.

4. Q: What if I want to order products suitable with my house’ size?
- A: Grand Bois is a manufacture itself, so you can place orders and our products will be delivered on schedule.